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Downtown St. Petersburg

A waterfront splendor of magnificent new construction, marinas, and parks home to delightful restaurants, museums, and art!

The skyline of Downtown St. Petersburg has dramatically changed in the past 10 years.

What once was a slow-paced, retiree vacation town is now a bustling, ever-evolving city with a character of its own. Just when the construction boom was at its peak and new businesses and restaurants began to open, recession hit and put a damper on our city’s growth.

But we are proud to say we stood strong together and now are experiencing some amazing new developments in the downtown area. New condominium complexes are now part of the skyline: Ovation, The Signature Place, Parkshore Tower, 400 Beach Drive. Wide price ranges allow folks of various socio-economic levels to buy and enjoy fine pieces of downtown properties. Many of the development projects that were on hold are now in full construction mode and we will soon enjoy new places like: Bayway Lofts, SOL, Campbell Landings, Osprey Site and Urban Edge, totaling around 1,200 new apartments. Some of these buildings will be mixed-use and feature commercial space. Birchwood Inn just opened its doors on Beach Drive. Among the features of the hotel is a rooftop terrace bar offering some amazing views of the city and Tampa Bay.

Beach Drive is one of the main arteries of our town where you will find gelato and pastry shops, fine dining, art galleries, jewelry and clothing stores and much more. Many restaurants offer European-style outside seating areas in the shade of magnificent royal palm trees, with some of the best waiting service in town. Folks from all over Tampa Bay and those visiting from abroad love to experience fine dining on Beach Drive. Three new breweries are planned to open soon in the downtown area which will definitely add some nice “flavor” and pride to our city.

St. Petersburg offers a rich cultural life to guests and locals. Art and history museums abound. The recently opened Dali Museum offers continuously updated expositions and events. Mahaffey Theater has been revived by the new manager and features high-caliber performers — to date, the likes of Diana Ross, Loretta Lynn, Steve Martin and Moscow’s Ballet Troupe have graced the stage!

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